Huwebes, Mayo 19, 2011

100 Reasons I Love my Boyfriend

1. You always spend time with me.
2. You make me happy.
3. You complete my day.
4. You always tell me that you love me. 
5. You have plans for your future and that includes me as your wife.
6. You're so sweet.
7. So thoughtful.
8. You can make me laugh even at my worst mood.
9. You call me back when i hang up.
10. calls me Baby ko (sweet)
11. But now, calls me Mahal ( much better :P )
12. I love the way you sing to me.
13. You give me butterflies.
14. We can talk for hours.
15. I'm comftable with you.
16. You gave me your Facebook account =)
17. You don't cheat.
18. You care for me.
19. You know what im thinking when i dont say a word.
20. You call me beautiful wen i look my worse.
21. We talk about everything.
22. You inspire me.
23. You motivate me. 
24. You always make pa CUTE when you're on cam.
25. He tells his friends that im his girlfriend.
26. He tells me that he misses me when im gone.
27. i love your hands.
28. I can trust you.
29. The little things you do to make me happy.
30. We try new things together.
31. How we make up when we fight.
32. You're KINIKILIG when i get you a surprise.
33. He's tall :)
34. The feeling you gave me when were together.
35. He know when something is wrong.
36. I love how you laugh.
37. You dont like when i cry.
38. I see you in my dreams.
39. Your sense of humor.
40. You never hang up without telling me you love me.
41. When i fall asleep, instead of hanging up, you just fall asleep “next” to me.
42. You respect me.
43. You always protect me from my haters.
44. You love my body. LOL. 
45. You go along with my crazy ideas.
46. You told me your past.
47. You know the darkest parts of my past.
48. You’re not afraid to argue with me. 
49. You get jealous whenever I talk to my ex boyfriend. 
50.  How you love to eat.
51. You dont let me win on WOE and even duel, but ive beaten you a few times. haha
52. You are not one of the guys who are drunk every weekend.
53. He always inform me of what he's going to do for that moment.
54. How you snore. sounds like shrek LOL
55. He always go to church every sunday.
56. He always deny na he's kinikilig with my surprise. haha
57.  You can't be mad at me for a long time.
58. You always listen when i sing.
59. He tells me i have a great voice. i know he just wanna make me feel better.
60. We have watched movies together.
61. He always find a way to be with me.
62. You trust me.
63. You think im the one.
64. You sing for me.
65. How you call me your sunshine.
66. You mean the absolute world to me.
67. He loves to listen fliptop and rap music. but he often listen to old songs. haha
68. He makes fun of me and say sorry.
69. You forgive my mistakes.
70. How you remember the most random details about us.
71. How important you are to me.
72. You don't want to lose me. as much as im scared of losing you.
73. You make me want to be a better person.
74. We are complete opposite but we have so much in common.
75. You never give up on me.
76. You never fail to make me feel like the most special girl in the world.
77. You always can make me forget all my problems.
78. The way you appreciate all my efforts.
79. Your patience with me.
80. Your willingness to make this long distance relationship work.
81. The way you will give up sleep just to be with me.
82. The way you ask me to play online game with you.
83. I easily miss you.
84 Your ability to take my breath away.
85. The way we haven’t been together yet I feel as though I’ve known you forever! 
86. My heart skip a beat every time you say you love me.
87. How hesitant you were before the 1st time you said you love me.
88. You choose me among other girls.
89. We never get sick of each other.
90. You would never ever do anything to mess up our relationship.
91. You listen to my stories even if they're stupid. haha
92. Even on our worst days we bring out the best in each other. 
93. You're my Prince.. my knight in shining armor :)
94. You always tell me corniest things.
95. Your earrings.
96. He's one of the most important person in my life.
97. You always say " I love you more "
98. March 23.. 
99. you love me.
100. simply because i love you.

happy monthsary koko. There are a billion reasons why i love you its juts that i cant write it all hahahah. I am so thankful to have you in my life. We have arguments and sometimes ignore each other's presence but we always make up. i love you so much and will love you for the rest of my days.